Switch to no tie, adaptive strap shoelaces and never tie shoelaces again. No more worrying about tripping over laces or having to tie double knots.                                      Great for aging, illness, disability, or just looking for an easier way to “tie” your shoes. The transition to easy close straps can provide freedom and independence if you struggle with laces for any reason. Keep the shoes you love and replace the laces.                                                  They can be installed for right or left handed closure and can easily be closed with one hand. Don’t let laces tie you down, Replace-A-Lace® is the original no tie hook and loop shoelace.

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Replace-A-Lace® is the original patented (United States Patent 9743715) no tie hook and loop shoelace.         Replace-A-Lace® is a registered trademark of Replace-A-Lace® LLC and has no connection to any shoes or brands pictured they are only to show the product.

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