Why Choose Us

What is hook and loop

Hook and loop is a fastener that has two parts, they work together to create a secure closure. The rough side is called hook and the softer side is called loop. When mated together they form a tight bond that can be used again and again.


Replace-A-Lace hook and loop straps are made by using ultrasonic welding which is an Eco-friendly process that consumes very little energy while maintaining a high degree of quality.

Saves Money

Replace-A-Lace eliminates the need to buy a new pair of shoes. Many customers have shoes they love, but can no longer tie laces. The straps attach to your shoes eyelet allowing you to remain comfortable in your existing shoes.

Support Small Business

I assemble, pack and ship all orders with most shipping the same day.

Easy Open Packaging

Replace-A-Lace straps are packaged in easy open, reusable packaging. No scissors or tools needed.


Available in several colors and lengths. Fits medium width sizes to xx wide width sizes. Buy more than one color to mix and match or to support your favorite team/event.

Why don't you call them "Velcro"

“Velcro” is not actually a physical product, it is a registered brand name of hook and loop products: VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners.


I believe people should not have to sacrifice quality, comfort or style in footwear. Replace-A-Lace can help regain freedom and independence when putting on and taking off your shoes.

I worked in retail footwear for over 26 years and listened to customers request hook-and-loop styles daily. I heard stories from caregivers, parents and spouses about why they needed new shoes that provided a quick and easy closure. I would see the disappointment when they saw the limited selection they had to choose from, if any at all. The stories were endless, but they all had the same outcome, frustration of not being able to find shoes with easy close straps.

I designed a product that is simple to use, allowing for an easy, yet secure alternative to laces. The straps allow the shoe to open wide for easy on and off and you can quickly control the pressure over the foot.  Replace-A-Lace is the original, patented no-tie hook and loop shoelace (United States Patent #9743715) .

Nancy Brekke-Jones


Replace-A-Lace founder Nancy Brekke-Jones
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