Attach & Go

Each order of Replace-A-Lace includes: four straps, matching buckles and easy post screw attachments.

Remove laces from shoes and determine which eyelets will work best for placement of the straps.

Step 1

Insert the posts through the eyelets from inside the shoe so the posts are facing out.

Step 2

Attach each buckles to a post and screw together until tight.

Step 3

Insert posts through the eyelets (as in step 1) across from the buckles.

Step 4

Attach each strap to a post and screw together until tight.

Step 5

Place the straps through the buckles and press together to fasten straps.

Replace-A-Lace screws come with a threadlocker applied on the post.

Threadlocker is a plastic adhesive that fills the gaps between mating threads to minimize loosening from vibration and shock from wear.

Always check to make sure screws are tight when putting on shoes.